Liberate Your Art 2017 Postcard Swap – Final


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Final LYA 2017 Side Swap

All stories have an end…

… and Liberate Your Art 2017 Postcard Swap adventure has a happy end… I am lucky to have won a whole set of fantastic postcards, which initially had been sent to the persons helping Kat Sloma during the LYA process… This year, less helpers, therefore Kat had the excellent idea of sending the “backlog” to some of us who have been selected by a “Happy Star”, I am among them… am thrilled!

Here they are, terrific artwork coming from various artists: Jennifer Galvin, Nan Johnson, Scott Glass, Kelly Warren, Alisha Whitman, Barbara Evans, Sheila Delgado, Therese Misner, Fast Eyes, Polly Johnson, Teena Lurlene, Sea Dean, Catie An. Each card has its own style but each is just gorgeous.  You all have a great creative talent!

Final LYA 2017 Side Swap-2

And as all is well that ends well, my collection of postcards was accompanied by one of Kat’s beautiful card…

Final LYA 2017 Side Swap-1

Kat Sloma

… whose title is “Imminent Downfall”…

Now, as in a play the curtain is going down, but all the terrific moments of Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap will stay for many months,

until we meet again in 2018…