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Time flies!

I just find out that I have been silent in terms of “Silent Artwork” since January 2019. Some revision is therefore needed. Now have a look, your comments will be appreciated.

Alcohol inks on yupo paper:


“Flying Hearts”

Artwork 2020


Artwork 2020-13

“Venetian Carnival”

Artwork 2020-21

“Birthday Wishes”

Artwork 2020-18

“The Horse”

Artwork 2020-1

“Flying Balloons”

A selection of mixed media Christmas cards:

Artwork 2020-2

Artwork 2020-3

Artwork 2020-4

Artwork 2020-6

Artwork 2020-7

Artwork 2020-9

Artwork 2020-5

Artwork 2020-12

Holidays tags:

Artwork 2020-11

Mixed media ATC:

Artwork 2020-8

“Happy Birthday”

‘What the heck is Pop-ism’, member of an art group, this is my contribution to the latest ‘ism swap’:

Artwork 2020-19

“Mrs Lolly Popism”

Alcohol inks and gouache on fabrics:

Artwork 2020-16

“Melting Pot”

Artwork 2020-17

“Wheel of Fortune”

Artwork 2020-15

“Mr & Mrs Fish”