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The Mauritshuis in 1825

The Mauritshuis officially known as the Royal Picture Gallery is home to the best of Dutch paintings four centuries ago. The Museum, since 1822, situated in The Hague, Netherlands, came into being after King William I donated the collection belonging to his father, Stadholder Prince William V of Orange to the Dutch State in 1816.

The collection is made up of about 800 paintings dating from 1400 to 1800. There are Flemish, German and French works but the vast majority are Dutch and date from seventeenth century, period of great prosperity boasting famous painters as Rembrandt, Vermeer.

The Mauritshuis was built in 1633 to 1644 as a residence of Count Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen, military commander and governor of the Dutch colony in Brazil for eight years. Jacob van Campen, the architect created the finest examples of the Dutch classism.


The Mauritshuis in 2020

Now time for an amazing visit. You will be as I have been stunned by the brushstrokes and details of most of the paintings.


“Ice-skating in a village” – Henry Avercamp, 1610


“Still life”, Willem Claesz Heda, 1635

The above is a close-up of Heda’s painting, notice the details of the lemon and its peel.



“Madonna and child” – Quintin Massys, 1525-1530


“Old woman and boy with candles” – Peter Paul Rubens, 1616-1617


“Still life with cheeses, almonds and pretzels” – Clara Peeters, 1615


Details of the staircase


“Ships on the road” – Willem van de Welde II, 1658


“View of Delft” – Johannes Vermeer, 1660-1661

Vermeer reflected tranquility in his painting, by making three horizontal strips: water, city and sky.


“Girl with a pearl earring” – Johannes Vermeer, 1665

“Girl with a pearl earring” is Vermeer’s most famous painting. It’s not a portrait but a “tronie” – a painting of an imaginary figure. Tronies depict a certain type of character, in this case, the girl in exotic dress wearing an oriental turban and an improbably large pearl in her ear.

Johannes Vermeer was the master of light. This is shown here in the softness of the girl’s face and the glimmers of light on her moist lips. And of course, the shining pearl.


Window view


“Still life with wild strawberries” – Adriaen Coorte, 1705


“Portrait of an elderly man” – Rembrandt, 1667


Main hall ceiling – Ger Lataster, 1987


Ceiling details


“The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” – Rembrandt, 1632


Details of “The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”


“Tronie of a man with a feathered beret” – Rembrandt, 1635-1640


Here ends our visit, lots more to see. We will be back!