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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” 
Michael Altshuler

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2018 will soon be closing the door and as every one, time is to look back at what has been accomplished, people met, places visited and so on… One topic which I can’t put aside is my word chosen for 2018:


Being realistic, am glad to say that upon reviewing my word’s target, I did pretty well. I have been playing with several medias: gouache, watercolor, ink, collages, stamping, colored pencils and others. Many swaps set up by art groups I belong to have helped me to improve and find new ideas, thanks to all these talented persons who have been an inspiration for me. The five blog posts which have been published are the witnesses of what has been done,  “Silent Artwork”. A sixth one will be on-line soon.

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Photography has been also a good way to get into “Creativity”, my film cameras have helped me a lot in that field, my Holga too.

Seville Cathedrale

Summing up, I definitely hit my goal “Word for 2018”, that’s the main point isn’t?

Now, it’s about time to reveal my Word for 2019… My decision is to take it easy this year in selecting:


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Already several trips are piling in my head… Absolutely determined that against all odds, I will reach that goal. You will learn more about “Travels”  either through my blog posts or my photography page.

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And you have you made up your mind about your Word for 2019? I would love to learn about it.

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