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The peak of  the Holidays is Christmas, isn’t it the most wonderful story which ever happened since the World is the world.

To keep anchored in the feeling of this moment of the year, a story for you, faithful readers.

A Christmas story, of course. An ordinary one about a little girl …

Bear with me, have a cup of coffee or tea and listen :

Once upon a time, somewhere far away, lived a little girl, named Rose. As all kids, she just loved that time of the year. Christmas for her was under a different sky, it was summer with beautiful flowers everywhere, delicious fruits, warm temperature, colourful birds singing all over the place, clear blue sea…

Rose lived with her parents, surrounded by a wonderful loving ambiance. She was happy and even happier during these December festive days. Her family maintained Season’s traditions, among them, the Christmas pudding, which was home-made a couple of months before. That was her father’s task, he spent hours preparing all the necessary ingredients (ordered direct from Fortnum & Mason), so that this would be the very best pudding on earth “for his girls” as he used to say …

With her Mom, she was always so thrilled to choose “the tree”, not one as you would think, just a branch of  filao tree (Casuarina equisetifolia is the binomial name). Once chosen, all the decorations were hung on, baubles, fairy lights, Christmas crackers, stockings, she thought her tree was unique in the world. Rose had a strong belief that Santa was the one who came from the South Pole direct to her house to deliver gifts and presents during the Holy night. Her belief lasted many years or at least she pretended to, just to keep the magic side burning.

Christmas story

She was quite a gourmet little girl and was fond of Lemon Puff biscuits, these were among her gifts, she knew that, it was a tradition. She was impatient to eat a couple of them in the morning. During one of these Eve’s nights, she just could not wait, got out of bed, put her slippers on, carefully avoiding any noise, walked slowly towards the dining room and there, under the tree, the Jacob’s Lemon Puff, beautiful, shiny yellow tin box, it was not wrapped (this was the fixed option for this type of gift).

Christmas story-1

Her greedy side told her “open the box and have one”, this is what she did, opened, up to that everything was ok, but… instead of a paper cover, it was a thin tin one which had to be pulled back, all this to keep cool these precious Lemon Puffs… Rose was perplexed, what would she do, take it off or not… Her little greedy devil won, she start pulling the cover and ouch, lacking of strength or, charting at the bit, she cut her finger, quite seriously… She had to call her Dad who laughed at her and took care of her… I bet she still has the scar….

Many Christmas went by… Life went on… Rose grew up. She had some wonderful Christmas, surrounded by love, warmth and joy,  people she loved and who loved her… She has all these memories preciously hidden in the drawers of her heart.Since ever, each Christmas night, those are wide open.

Looking up towards the sky, she will whisper “I Love You” !

Dear readers, this is what I wanted to share with you all.

Allow me, dear blog readers and followers, to wish each of you a most joyful Christmas. May the Light of this Holy Day keep burning into your hearts, over you and your families.

Merry Christmas

Christmas story-2