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Museo del baile Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain, is directed by the worldwide renown famous Flamenco dancer, choreographer and actress Cristina Hoyos. This unique Flamenco museum in the world offers to the visitors all the historical roots of that typical Andalusian dance. It teaches the soul and origins of Andalusia as well as its heritage and identity. During your visit you will be captured by the heart of that dance as well as you will be touched by strong feelings of Flamenco.

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In addition to the Flamenco history and typical costumes, you will also be able to see interesting interactive high technology rooms showing the origins and evolution of that dance, style, music. Worth to visit too are the flamenco focused exhibits that include paintings, drawings and photography. And even, if you wish why not attending a Flamenco class?

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The venue also welcomes you to live Flamenco shows, which are absolutely captivating, during more than one hour you are embraced by powerful songs, music and fabulous dances, all that performed by the most artistic singers, guitarists and dancers of Sevilla. 

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Unforgettable and unique moments, this is what we experienced!

–  Museo del baile Flamenco is a must  –

“Dance as the narration of a magical story; that recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.”
Shah Asad Rizvi