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LYA 2018 Side Swap last batch

This post will end the LYA 2018 Postcard Side Swap series… All my sincere thanks to each of these creative Ladies with whom it has been a real pleasure to side swap. I hope you enjoyed the “play” as I did? Keep your Art going. See you in the next edition of Liberate Your Art.

LYA 2018 Side Swap last batch-3

Siobhan Wolf

This year I have been spoiled by Siobhan from Ohio, she sent me peaches – very summery! Thanks for this “delicious” image… I would recommend Siobhan’s blog, have a look.

LYA 2018 Side Swap last batch-2

Siobhan Wolf

Beautiful view of the clock tower remaining from the train station in Siobhan’s hometown of Spokane, WA.

LYA 2018 Side Swap last batch-1

PJ Lawrence

PJ Lawrence, who is from Kentucky,  created this painting in Oaxaca, Mexico as a part of a triptych at “Paint Fearless Mexico” retreat. I need to see the other 2 remaining parts, until that am leaving it to my imagination to interpret the actual image…

You should do the same and comment what you see, I will be replying and we will see if our views match. How’s that?


A bunch of flowers for each of you…

Art brings Light to the World