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LYA Side Swap 2018 May 03

Woo Hoo, some more side swap postcards… Each batch received is stunning, each author illustrates the capture… the feeling…  of a moment. “Of course it’s all luck.”  said Henri Cartier-Bresson, I do agree but if I may add Mr. Photographer, it’s also the eye which leads to creativity. Each postcard here is the precise example!

So to each of you Artist, Hats Off!

LYA Side Swap 2018 03 May-2

Lisa Comperry

“Be on the lookout for things that make you smile” says my friend, Lisa from Texas… Lisa and I have been swapping since 4 years now and each time, her photo brings joy! Have a look at her website… she is a very talented photographer!… and she “chases the sun”.

LYA Side Swap 2018 03 May-1

Christine Brooks

Not only during LYA side swaps, but Christine, from Arizona, spoils me with postcards all through the year round. Am so thankful as I really admire her work, she has a special eye to capture what’s around her, what do you think of this dragon-fly? Look at the details, super job, Christine.

LYA Side Swap 2018 03 May-3

Neha Luhar-Trice 

Isn’t that postcard fabulous? It comes from my friend, Neha, from Florida… Neha has a lot of talent, she has the hint to see details in everything she undertakes. You will see by yourself while visiting her website and her Etsy shop. I bet you will love both!

LYA Side swap 2018 May 03-1

Sheila Delgado

My other friend from Arizona, Sheila, sent me this cheerful photo of one of her paintings. We have been swapping since quite some time now. Sheila is really inspiring, she describes herself as “graphic designer, writer, poet, photographer”. What else should I add, if not that I would recommend her website and her shop, she has lovely paintings!

LYA Side swap 2018 May 03-2

Debbie Osborn

“Smile” is coming from Norfolk, England, just across the pond and illustrates one of Debbie’s beautiful artwork. This image is made using marbling and stenciling, says Debbie. If you want to learn more about her art, pay a visit to her studio. Unbelievable talent, gorgeous colors! You will be stunned by all the colors Debbie expresses…

LYA Side Swap 2018 03 May

Karl Foerster

The last but not the least of today’s selection, comes from my friend, Karl, from Pennsylvania. I could call him “Mr. P’Town”, you must wonder what I mean? Karl in fact loves Cape Cod (and P’Town is a short-cut for Provincetown, which in fact is the site in Cape Cod, where the Pilgrims landed in 1620). His photo illustrates Long Point Lighthouse, at the very tip of the Cape. He must know that I am a lighthouse lover. I hope you will carry on along the LYA Postcard Swap, Karl…

That’s all for today, I suspect there will be another post soon…

LYA Side swap 2018 May 03-3

Sheila Delgado

Happy May!