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LYA Side swap 2-3

Happy to share with each of you the second batch of side swap postcards within the Liberate Your Art 2018 Postcard Swap, hosted since 8 years a talented Lady, Kat Sloma

You will notice the diversity of each creativity expressed by these wonderful artists!

LYA 2018 Side swap 2-6

Terry Owenby

Terry Owenby, from Oregon explains that she did her “slow stitch” project (alldone by hand) by attaching a worn, paper-thin vintage handkerchief to a sturdier fabric – a pink linen tablecloth -. Yes, Terry it’s absolutely pretty and you were right to use it as one of your LYA postcard this year… Thank you for sharing your skill! I have associated Terry’s artwork to an embroidery which means a lot to me.

LYA 2018 Side swap 2-8

Lynne Foerster

When I saw that postcard in my mailbox, I instantly knew it was coming from my dear friend, Lynne Foerster, of Pennsylvania… Don’t ask me why but it’s like that… At the back of her superb black and while photo, Lynne says “boats, reflections, B&W, this one had your name on it…”. Isn’t it wonderful that you know me so well. I do love the quote too, so true! Thanks a lot for sharing one of your shots from your cruise, Lynne!

LYA 2018 Side swap 2-7

Christine Brooks

These 2 gorgeous birds flew from Arizona to meet a seagull… No border for friendship! The author is Christine Brooks, talented artist… Thank you so much for having selected birds as your postcard swap, they are the symbol of Liberty and Strength and I do love them and what they represent. Nice job, Christine!

LYA Side swap 2

Sherry Harmes

Each year I am most amazed by Sherry Harmes’s postcards, they come all the way from Alaska and I really love the “weather report” Sherry adds to her card “date: 4/9, temperature: 30, degrees seas: 5, feet winds 10k”… What do I need more, except from admiring Sherry’s work and her motto “Conceive, Believe and Achieve”… notwithstanding, her “Hugs from Alaska” to which I usually answer “Hugs from France”… Sherry don’t you think we should ask for a copyright for these hugs…

LYA Side swap 2-2

Rebecca Cozart

Gorgeous abstract wheat image from Rebecca Cozart, from Oregon! Have a look at her website, you will be amazed by her talent. Me too I love your work, Rebecca, thank you!

LYA Side swap 2-1

Annabelle Reid

This lady looking through her telescope reached my mailbox. Lots of miles, 8930, between Annabelle Reid’s home in Perth, Australia and my mailbox. Gosh what an adventure! She met a friend from that far eastern part of the World. I will return your comment to you, talented lady, “I hope you find whatever treasure you are looking for”… Thanks and “Happy Arting” to you, Annabelle!

LYA 2018 Side swap 2-9

Terry Owenby

Another aspect of Terry Owenby’s talent… in addition to the first photo of the actual post, diversity is Terry’s characteristics. Love your creativity! This is perfect… Thanks for spoiling me!

This is it for today, I bet there will be a #3 in the coming days!