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Another session of that fabulous adventure, Liberate Your Art 2018 Postcard Swap,  hosted for the 8th year in a row by the talented Kat Sloma has enabled to connect with several creative people around the World. This year, is my fourth participation and as during my previous ones, am stunned by the talents and skills extracted from the postcards I have been receiving.

I just cannot carry on further without thanking Kat for setting up the swap and extending my sincere acknowledgments to her helpers without whom the success of the swap would not have been possible. Thank you guys!

LYA 2018 “vintage” brought on my side of the pond, a lot of mixed-medias: collage, batik on rice paper, watercolor…


“Cloaked in Wonder” by Beth

Beth’s shades of blue collage is the first one landing in my mailbox. I love the subtlety of her work. She says that her postcard reflects pretty much this Winter. Visit her blog at agardenersart.blogspot.com.


“Waterfront Café” by Andrea

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love that! Sea… boats… cakes… what else? Did you notice the cute flag markers. You do an exquisite work, Andrea Farthofer.


“Nine Lives” by Sharon

Sharon sent “a big Yeehaw from Texas” with her adorable kittie postcard. I love that mixed-media and also Leonardo da Vinci words which Sharon quoted “The smallest feline is a masterpiece”… I would, if I may, modify those words by saying “Sharon your work is a masterpiece…”.  Pay a visit to Sharon’s blog, you will admire her talent and creativity.


“Flower pots” by Chris

This invite to gardening comes from Chris. What an incredible artwork: batik on rice paper, isn’t that great! Chris added a quote by Aristotle “In all things of nature there is something marvelous!”… your talent is marvelous, Chris! If you want to see more about her work, here’s her blog – worth a visit -.

There’s a fifth postcard somewhere in the World, the main point is that it found a nice “home”… even if I would have preferred to have it here.

Ladies, I was thrilled to receive your postcards, each one different, each one with a special touch. Thank you so much, what an adventure to discover your fantastic talent. Thank you, Beth, Andrea, Sharon, Chris.

The last but not the least is the gorgeous postcard sent by Kat Sloma, our lovely LYA hostess, “Anomalous” is its caption… It found its place on a sailing vessel who once upon a time crossed the seas towards adventure… Thank you so much, Kat for that Adventure you are allowing us to live through the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap!


“Anomalous” by Kat Sloma

Of course, as you can imagine, I have been sending postcards towards other artists, I think you might like to see them in the underneath slide show. The photos were all shot during my marvelous trip to Porto, Portugal last October. Hoping that they will bring you some escape and sunshine…


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Enjoy the video summarizing talent and creativity of the participants!

Now the LYA 2018 postcard swap is over… Once more, I thoroughly enjoyed participating! Before closing, please keep that secret for you:  “I just can’t wait for the LYA 2019″…

I will end with Henri Matisse’s words :

“Creativity takes Courage”