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On board

I just want to share a few post cards collected by my grand parents during one of their travels. Come with me for this huge step backwards to the early 1920’s.

My grand-parents : Marie and Melchior

They were accustomed, at the time, to get some fresh air in France, Auvergne region (South-West of the country), which can be understandable as they lived in Mauritius Island at the time, where the climate is typically tropical.

There were no planes… only, ships travelling from the island to France, most of the time to Marseilles. At least 5 to 6 weeks, may be even more, on board these ships with various stops in different harbors along the east coast of Africa. I bet there was no common point with these actual cruise ships, which are more like floating towns.


SS “Nera” – ship on which my grand-parents travelled


On the way towards the Canal

Therefore, get your luggage ready and come with me in this flash back 90 years ago! Those old post cards are more orientated towards the human side of the travel, human being is my favorite topic, as some of you may have noticed.

Sedan chair ~ Milk cart

Traditional costume for kids ~ Girl playing hurdy-gurdy

Love and some wine ...