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It seems that my “Word for the Year 2017” post was written yesterday… As Haruki Murakami says: “No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.”

I guess it’s about time to reveal my Word for the Year 2018

Artwork Creativity 3-3

Creativity is intelligence having fun“… this is said to belong to Albert Einstein. I must admit that I do agree with his words.

You may ask yourself some questions about my choice?

What’s creativity for me? here are some reasons, pretty good ones in fact:

  • it’s a state of mind
  • it’s an approach
  • it appeals curiosity
  • it rings the bell of empathy
  • it results into emotional opening
  • it requires being more supportive
  • it’s relaxing
  • and the last two, but none the least : it allows sharing and communication (which are as you may know my best two words).

Why did I choose that word? : well… I am a member of an Art Group in which I found much understanding among the members, a strong friendship (even if for most of us, we never met in real life). I was really stunned by the skill and talent of all members, each one in her style, really amazing! Motivating isn’t it?

How will I put “Creativity” into practice…  to be honest, that already started long time ago, since I have that photographing bug… in addition to that I have been experiencing mixed-media, doodling, collage, coloring… I thoroughly enjoy every minute of all that artwork. During the coming year, my target will be to improve, acquire more technique, new materials, find some methods of crafting with new tools, in fact explore other paths but staying in the same field…

Now, tell me… Have you a Word for the Year 2018? would love to hear about it…

As we are in the heart of the Holidays Season,

Merry Christmas! May 2018 bring you Creativity, Light and Joy!