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LYA Sid Swap 1

Liberate Your Art 2017 Postcard Swap is over and now comes in the side swap… Side swap allows one to exchange a postcard from another artist outside of the “official LYA run”. That’s pretty much amazing and allows to discover more creativity and talent. It’s another part of LYA which I like, “sharing” being my favorite word, you know that, don’t you?

Here is my first batch of side swap postcards received from ingenious artists. Thank you to: Charlotte Prado, Linda Ursin, Teena Lurnene, Ma’, Toni Hanner and David Wolanski… All of you did a very nice job!

LYA Side Swap Teena, Toni, Charlotte, Ma, Linda, David

Now, the following side swap postcards come from talented ladies and I can’t wait to show you their art, but before I just want to tell them “thank you so much, you are great!”… : Charlotte Prado (you were very kind to me, you sent 2 cards), Andrea Farthofer, Deb Keyworth, Jenny Tucker, and the last but none the least came from my dear friend Lynne Foerster…

LYA Side Swap 3

This is it for today. Before, closing, I would like you to join me to congratulate all the above mentioned artists for their fabulous job.

Am waiting for other side swap postcards to land in my mailbox and will be happy to share them with you…