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Once the main Liberate Your Art 2016 Postcard Swap is over… the Side Swap begins. Another interesting way to discover other talents and various artists. This year, I am thankful to each of my fellow side swappers for sharing their fabulous creativity…

Up to now, here are the artworks which crossed the pond from USA and Canada to France. Others are probably on their way, but as I will soon be traveling, my time frame for posting is narrow… This is why let’s see what I now have by my side.

Of course, the forthcoming postcards landing in my mailbox will be displayed in another blog post, no one will be forgotten…

Sea Dean‘s artwork… Have a look at her website. Sea is from British Columbia, Canada.

Side swap 2016 -1

Sea Dean


This superb sunset comes from Lisa Comperry. She is an amazing photographer and artist. Lisa is from Texas… If you want to dream, pay a visit to her website…

Side swap 2016 -2

Lisa Comperry


Sheila Delgado (her website is great), was very kind to me, she sent me two gorgeous postcards of her artwork with at the back of them, this quote from Henri Matisse : “Creativity takes courage”… All is said, well almost, I just have to add that Sheila is from California.

Side swap 2016 B-1

Sheila Delgado

Side swap 2016 B-3

Sheila Delgado


Akemi (Emma) Ito, from British Columbia, Canada, is very talented. I just love her illustrations of this sweet little girl. Her website is worth stopping by…

Side swap 2016 B

Akemi (Emma) Ito


Janice Darby, from California, is an excellent photographer, through her camera lens she knows how to capture every single details which makes life so beautiful. I recommend her website…

Side swap 2016 B-2

Janice Darby


Another talented photographer from Delaware, David Wolanski. He says on his website : “a day without photography pretty much is a wasted day.” So true. David shot this “strong” black and white photo with a Holga camera. Have a look at both David’s website, you will admire his amazing work with an amazing toy camera…

Side swap 2016 -3

David Wolanski


On the day Sherry Harmes sent her postcard from Alaska, she lives on a remote island off Kodiak Island, temperature was 43°, seas were 8° and winds blew at 25k. Interesting details! Isn’t her work gorgeous? At the back of her postcard, these words : “Conceive, Believe, Achieve”… I leave them to your thoughts…

Side swap 2016

Sherry Harmes


A sunset from Florida, beautiful colors shot by Christine Brooks. I love her words: “Take time to do something to make your soul happy…” Nothing to add.

Side swap 2016 -4

Christine Brooks


Terry Owenby, from Oregon, her colorful artwork brightened the weather here today. Pop into her website, quite interesting… She quotes Terri Guillemets : “Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer.”

Side swap 2016 B-4

Terry Owenby

That’s all folks …