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My first participation to Kat Sloma’s Liberate your Art Postcard Swap in 2015 was really a lot of fun. I was able to discover very creative persons, kept contact with some talented participants… Above all, during my next trip to North America, I will have the wonderful opportunity to meet one of them, Lynne from Pennsylvania…

Without hesitation, I did sign in for the Liberate your Art Postcard Swap 2016 edition!

The 2016 edition of LYA is coming to its end… Before going any further, I would like to convey my warmest thanks to Kat Sloma for her brilliant idea to start this Swap in 2011!

For me this 2016 LYA was once more a way of sharing (one of my favorite words), of discovering wonderful artwork… Once more I was amazed by the huge creativity of many participants,  (not only my fellow swappers), either in painting, photography, collage. LYA is a window wide open towards connecting with the sensibility of each one expressed through their artwork, so much inspiration arises from such a creative adventure … interacting with so many artists has been immense fun! Am really glad to have “met” each of you!

Liberate your Art Postcard Swap 2016

Now, let me show you what I received this year :

The first post card came from Michele Matucheski, from Wisconsin… a lonely tree amidst a winter scenery with a wonderful caption : “Hope in Winter”… Thank you Michele.

LYA 2016-4

Michele Matucheski

A few days later, this beautiful succulent landed here, after having crossed the pond from Northern California. Thank you, Shirina.

LYA 2016-5


The following one flew from North Carolina to France. It comes from Karen Kuhlmann, with a quote from Leonardo da Vinci : “Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is not art.”. For this artwork, Karen has been using a palette knife… love your work! I thought my snowman could fit into the scenery…

LYA 2016-6

Karen Kuhlmann

My mailbox welcomed the fourth one, this one is anonymous, no idea from where it comes nor from whom… Nevermind, I am really pleased to have it on my side and moreover the artwork is the expression of a fantastic creativity… I associated it with a maple leaf I collected in Vermont many years ago…

LYA 2016-7

From someone, somewhere…

“Wherever you stand be the soul of that place” – Rumi, this is the quote on the fifth postcard I received. It comes from Katiusca Guzman. It’s only after I looked at her website that I found out that she is from New Jersey. Katiusca wrote “smile, you have much to be grateful for”…

LYA 2016-8

Katiusca Guzman

My selection of photos for this LYA 2016 :

After a special trip in Venice, Italy, I decided to select 5 postcards from my many, many shots…

Here they are :

LYA 2016 LM

Out of the five, my friend Sheila Delgado in California, received one, really pleased it reached you Sheila and glad you like it!

Another one arrived at Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker in Georgia, glad that the magic of Venice is now on your side, Teresa…

For the three others… who knows where they landed? even if I don’t know where they are, I hope that they made their addressee happy and that the wonderful colors of Venice brightened their day!

Now you just have to check out for the Liberate Your Art 2017 edition and join in…

Once the main swap is over, side swaps get in the play. In my next blog post I will show you all the side swap postcards I received, for each of them only one word : amazing…