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SONY DSCEarly 2014, I jumped into a personal challenge, I decided to select a Word for the Year 2014,  with the target that the chosen one will be my guide all through the coming months. This was one of my cynosure, in any case I had to keep to it. “Forward” was the word.

Did I meet the goal ? Broad-brush, I really did. My way of living was adjusted, I could say refashioned in the way I wanted it to be… Important decisions were settled, I was bolt from the blue by the fact that I have been seeing life in a more positive way. I now have a much better vision of day-to-day.

By “Forward”, I had also in mind how to improve the way I was facing others either daily and/or through my blog and photos. I eagerly meant to be better in communication. To be honest, I did reach my target. For example : judging  by the numbers of readers visiting my blog, coming from everywhere in the World… I take the opportunity to thank each of you Dear Readers, your attendance is a real support for me, I appreciate up most!

It’s about time, for me to reveal my word for 2015

WORD OF 2015 (4)

 “Keep up”

By all means I have to carry on what I have already attained… I have to follow my path to meet my expectations and wishes. I have to dedicate myself on what I have already started even if some aspects are to be adapted or even modified, bearing in mind to stick to my goal! I will carry on sharing and communicate, these words are predominantly essential as far as I am concerned. I will keep up looking around me, just can’t stay apathetic! I will carry on loving those who love me and who I love…

WORD OF 2015 (5)

 What about you? Which word have you chosen?

WORD OF 2015