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Painted in Waterlogue

During one of my strolls on the internet, I came across Ali Edwards blog post on the Word of the Year… I was really inspired by her words. It has been my target, since the beginning of 2014, to select a word on which to focus throughout this year. Reading her post, incited me to start this annual “challenge”… When a new year opens its door, we are all full of wonderful resolutions which in spite of our strong will to keep to them, sometimes vanish and … you know what I mean don’t you?

So with determination, I have selected my Word of 2014 which will be my goal for the rest of this year.

This word is :

Photo 12-02-2014 12 04 58Why forward? This word means a lot! Forward connotes to  hope, move towards the future, share, open my eyes towards new horizons, live my life as I want to… How should I implement this ? Start a new way of life… Share my experiences with others (blogging)… Read more than I did these last few years… Socialize… Target towards more positive outcome… Choose to let go things out of my control…

And you… have you a word for 2014 ?

Painted in Waterlogue