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imageDecember 2013 – Christmas letter to…

My Dearest younger self, Louise,

In a few days, it will be Christmas, even if outside, the temperature is mild and there’s a gentle sun shining. Where you live, it’s never a white Christmas, you have to be grateful to Mr Gulf Stream for that.
Once more it’s by the sea that I am writing to you. The sea who knows better than anyone else your hopes, thoughts, happiness and sorrows…I could add, your expectations…dreams…

Isak Dinesen wrote :

“The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat and tears at the sea.”

No matter how life is, carry on hoping and take advantage of its ups and downs to move forward and find the strength to carry on along your road…
Dark days are always followed by sunny ones. Believe it.
Be strong, don’t give up.

Be kind to yourself as you are kind to others. Be yourself. Know yourself. Treat yourself. When you pass by a mirror, smile to yourself.

Love your family, love your friends. You are fully aware you can rely on them, even if they are not in your immediate surroundings. Tell them what they mean to you.

A couple of times, I allow you to look backwards, for you to be thankful for these memories which you cherish and are forever in your heart. They are a source of fortitude!
Whatever happens in life, there’s always a positive outcome, even if its hard to figure it out on the very precise instant… Time is a good friend!
Increase the power hope during very demanding moments, this seems “humongous”,  but knowing you, you will hit the target. I already mentioned that, but it’s worth saying once more!

Be thankful for 2013 : you spent memorable moments with your family, your friends here and “across the pond”, met wonderful people, saw so many new sides of the world. Another “sun” has been added to your collection! 2014 will open new horizons, travels (I know you have already made plans). Carry on photographing, it’s your way of sharing…

You will recall my last letter of May 2013, I will end by quoting some of its words.
These words are timeless, they are my Christmas message to you Dear younger self :

“There’s a four letter word which is the base of life :

LOVE, love dear Louise… love!

Don’t forget, I will always be there for you no matter how, where and why …”