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Spring is the time of the year for revival, not only for nature but for human beings. This is why, I have chosen this time of the year to open a new window. It will have “2 shutters”, in fact, some posts will be in English and others in French or … if I really feel like it, there will be some bi-lingual ones.

My motivation comes from 2 roads. First, I am following Susannah Conway‘s course “Unravelling Ways of Seeing Myself“. This enabled me within a couple of weeks to realize that in fact, I was not living by myself, but I was living with my best friend ever, ME! Second, this blog will be a “potpourri” ensued by my day-to-day, thoughts, walks, travels, snapshots … I hope you will enjoy reading and visiting as much as I enjoy sharing these moments with you.

I will be back soon …